David Price is a professional drummer/percussionist, published songwriter, and producer, based in Aurora, Ontario (a suburb north of the city of Toronto, Canada). His expression of music spans multiple genres, including folk, rock, funk, Latin, jazz and indie. David is currently releasing tracks from his second album, ‘Constellation’. In review of one of the tracks, ‘Wishing Well’, Kevin Hugger, Music blogger, record label owner, raved that, “the skill and panache shown by all the musicians is an antidote for the overused contemporary production techniques which are killing music”. Valida Carroll, on air host at KCRW (89.9 FM) in Los Angeles added, ”This is a gorgeous song...Very powerful composition/songwriting”. 

David started as a young teenager, playing drums with his father, an Acadian folk guitarist, and then playing with a succession of local bar bands into his late teens and early twenties. In his early thirties he gave up music completely but 5 or 6 years later, something cool happened. David was in southern California and stumbled upon a drum circle for the first time. This was his first exposure to world percussion and the experience completely changed his perspective of drums, drumming and virtually everything else about music. He then spent the next 10 years developing his craft as a percussionist. During this time he played as the percussionist for a local 15 piece ‘horn’ band, ‘The Thursday Night Jam’ (aka ‘Soul Benefit’) and for a successful Jimmy Buffet tribute band, ‘Northern Harbor’. Always eager to explore other styles of music, David also began accepting invitations to accompany local choirs, either with hand percussion alone or together with acoustic guitar or piano. 

In 2010 David started to write and record his own songs, firstly with different co-writers in basement recordings, then moving to professional recording with his first published album, ‘A Leslie Spit Mosaic’, released in December 2013. This was an electric folk album, co-written with John Lemme, a highly regarded local musician. With the writing and production experience of ‘ALSM’ under his belt, David started working as a solo artist in 2014. 

Rather than forming a band to produce a single interpretation of his songs, David envisioned his new album, ‘Constellation’ as a compilation of singles, with each song exploring different styles, with different singers and studio musicians, and even different recording studios and producers. This inspiration has allowed David to work with some of the finest local musicians while also creating a body of work that is remarkable is scope and originality. 

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